Barcode Print Quality And Compliance Are Important

Barcode is communication. It carries a products important data from one system to another, from a source to a user, from a printer to a scanner.  It is the communications bridge from the physical world of dynamic movement of objects to the digital world of databases, inventories, instructions to automation, expiration dates, certifications, recalls, etc.

To the IT professional and business manager, it is the source for the high quality data needed to manage businesses. For manufacturers, it is the key to high productivity, low downtime and lots of flexibility. To the healthcare pro, it is a tool to insure the right patient received the right medication at the right time. And to the consumer, it is increased availability of a wider array of goods from around the world at lower costs delivered almost immediately.

If you produce products that carry barcodes, you are the source.  It is important that you are aware of what your barcode is used for and the expectations of the user, your customer.  Today, what they need and want is to be able to easily and accurately scan your barcode to extract the correct product information. It is critical to success.  That is Good Barcode, the barcode we need for our data centric uses.  High quality (ISO Print Quality Grade) and compliant with your application standard (GS1, HIBCC, AIAG, DOD, Internal, Etc.)

If you scan barcodes produced by others, then you should expect that those barcodes actually do scan consistently, easily, and accurately.  A barcode that can’t scan is a cost and a risk that is avoidable. Your expectations may be documented in your industries standards or in your own purchasing documents. If it is important to you that you receive Good Barcode, then you should make sure your source knows it and complies.